Drug Prevention Program


Awareness program on ill effects of drug abuse in schools and colleges have become very important as drug addiction have become rampant amongst school children / youth. Some of the reasons for this could be:

  • Influence of Media such as Films/Television/Advertisements/Books/Magazines etc.. have played an important role in molding our thought process, attitudes, behavior, and habits for time immemorial. The television and films have invaded the intimate areas of every home and has had effects on the human mind and in particular young children. Advertisements portray cigarettes, gutka and various paan masalas which are the base for temptations. They also give the impression of a high social status.

  • Breaking down of Value system within the families due to the different influences in society and fast pace of life. Joint family systems are gradually diminishing in the urban areas which are used to be the hub for inculcating a strong value system within the families. Lifestyle of common man is fast changing and becoming self centered and this is having an adverse effect on children.

  • Change in the Social Status of Women has brought about major changes in our society. Parents realize the importance of education which is the stepping stone towards bringing about significant changes within the individuals, families, and society. Thus girls are encouraged to educate themselves and have an independent thought process. Women are better educated and employed and visible in contributing effectively towards the development of the country. They are able to participate in the decision making process within families and work place. Economic independence has given women the power to negotiate within their families. Girls and women have freedom to choose their lifestyles and thus are highly susceptible to smoking, drinking & using drugs.

  • Considering these factors there is an urgent need to generate awareness among the young population in schools. This would enable them to take appropriate decisions for themselves and become more responsible for the actions and understand its consequences. At the end 'Say No' to drugs and other addictive substances and lead a normal and healthy life.