How can you contribute us - in Cash / Kind

All of us have the power to help. To translate compassion to action needs a bit of conviction and willingness to reach out. With our mission to mainstream the child in society, we need any little help from you such as your skills, time or giving in cash or kind. SUPPORT is grateful for the funding from various individuals and organizations without whose help we cannot reach out to the children. It takes as little as USD 100 per month for one child to receive the basic amenities that we provide in our rehabilitation process; that is food, medical care, education and recreation. With over 150 children under our care in the residential programme, it is like providing for a home with as many children each month. You could, therefore, sponsor some children's basic care by sending us your contribution for a month or year. Donations can be made by sending us a cheque / draft favouring "SUPPORT". Donations in India are eligible for Income-Tax exemption under section 80G of the Income-Tax Act. Donations received from overseas are eligible under the Foreign Contribution Regulation Act.

In Cash / Cheque

  • Send a Cheque/DD in favour of "Support"
  • Donations in India are eligible for Income-Tax exemption
  • Donations received from overseas are eligible under the Foreign Contribution Regulation Act.

  • In Kind - Donate A Meal

    Sr.No. Menu Amount in Rs.
    1. Regular Full ay Meal (breakfast, lunch & dinner) 15,000=00
    2. Chole, Vegetable Pulav, Puri with halwa (one-time) 13,000=00
    3. Vegetable Biryani 10,000=00
    4. Dal, Roti, Sabzi & Rice 8,000=00
    5. Pav Bhaji, Dal & Rice 8,000=00
    6. Vegetable Pulav, Chole & Sweet Sevaiya or Sooji ka Halwa (Sheera) 8,000=0
    7. Vegetable Pulav & Dahi Kadhi 8,000=00
    8. Jeera Rice, Dal fry or Dal tadka 8,000=00
    9. Dal, Rice, Sabzi & Sweet Sevaiya or Sooji ka Halwa (Sheera) 7,000=00
    10. Dal, Rice & Sabzi 6,000=00
    11. Tomato Rice with pickle 6,000=00
    12. Morning Breakfast (Upma/Poha/Sabudana Khichdi/Misal Pav/Daliya & Bread/Bun Pav & butter) with Tea 3,500=00

    Some Additional Sweets:

    Sr.No. Type of Sweets Amount in Rs.
    1. Mysore Pak (Rs.460/per kg x 7.5 kgs 3,500=00
    2. Gol Papdi (Rs.560/per kg x 7.5 kgs) 4500=00
    3. Ice Cream (Rs.15/- per pc x 230 3,500=00
    4. Sevaiya 1,500=00
    5. Sooji ka Halwa (Sheera) 1,500=00
    6. Motichur ke Ladoo (Rs.260/per kg x 11 kgs) 3,500=00
    7. Jalebi (Rs.400/per kg x 10 kgs 4,000=00
    8. Besan Ladoo 4,500=00

    1. All meals have to be be confirmed 2-3 days advance and payments need to be made either in cash or cheque (in favour of SUPPORT) for which a proper receipt will be provided.
    2. No outside food or milk products are allowed.
    3. We require PAN Card Copy whenever the amount exceeds Rs.5000/ as per Income Tax requirements.
    4. The meal(s) will be served to 230 children in all our centres.
    5. Prices are subject to change depending on the market rates.
    6. Seasonal Fruits, Chocolates, Biscuits, Frooti could be distributed by the Sponsors(s).
    7. We accept donations of Rice, Sugar, Tea leaves, different types of Dals, Pulses / Legumes and Cooking Oil.
    8. Donations are exempted from Income Tax Section 80 G.