SUPPORT is a charitable Trust with over two decades of uncompromising dedication to rehabilitation and mainstreaming of substance-abusing street children and homeless youth in Mumbai.It is one of the very few organisations in India offering residential rehabilitation program for drug using street children/ Youth. This organization was started by few college going youth who wanted to do good to society. They took mammoth task of reaching out to this invsible segment of society.

Youth, adolescent age is the time for experimentation and identity forming. Recent times have witnessed a gradual increase in substance use among younger population, with more of them initiating substance use from an early age. Parental control, role

models play crucial role to influence children against drug use and to make them aware of the ill effects. However, children/ youth living on the streets not only miss out on this control but also get exposed easily to the world of substance use, violence, sex and crime on the streets.

Majority of the street children / youth emerge from difficult socio- economic situations such as abject poverty, lack of adequate means of livelihood, harassment by step parent(s), peer influence / pressure, disinterest in studies, addict parents, attraction of metropolitan cities or film industries etc. Some of them become victims of crime, sexual/ physical abuse or get dragged into it. It's unfortunate as they have no one to turn to and neither can they return home. On the streets, they are inducted into using multiple drugs and to survive they invariably get into unsafe sexual activities, petty crime and violence. They not only become a threat to their own wellbeing but also to the Society by repeatedly engaging themselves in high risk behavior.

SUPPORT seeks to bridge the gap created by the situation and provide the necessary services for rehabilitation of these youth by getting them off the streets and mainstreaming them in the society, after completion of the detoxification and skill development process.

In our program we address the target group's perception of self at risk and customize our behavior change communication towards the same.
Financial stability is very important in sustaining life beyond drugs / de-addiction and self-reliance after rehabilitation. SUPPORT has separate Vocational Center imparting skills trainings for the youth. The Vocational Centre is useful mainly for the youth coming for rehabilitation with very low or no educational background, with lack of grasp on educational activities even after trying and / or crossed the age for formal education. At SUPPORT we provide skills which are easy to learn and do not demand formal literacy such as Carpentry, Welding, electricians and tailoring.

With our intensive inputs, we help the children to remain drug free, self-reliant and equip them with coping skills to deal with vicissitudes of life.

Our Trustees
  • Mr. Pradeep Agarwal (B.Com)
  • Ms. Sapna Agarwal (B.A.)
  • Mrs. Kalindi Mazumdar (M.S.W.)
  • Dr. Ramesh Thakkar (M.B.B.S.)
  • Dr. Prerna Sharma (M.S.W., Ph.d.)