Stories of the Kids


I was 8 years old when I was brought to SUPPORT.  I used to sniff glue /solution with my friends on the streets.  During rehab, the staff at SUPPORT encouraged us to share our feelings in group discussions.  We were taught the alphabets and PT (physical training).  I completed school and then opted for vocational training.  SUPPORT sent me for a technical course in Air Conditioning and Refrigerator repairing.  I now have a job as an Apprentice with an authorized dealer in Air Conditioning. I have many friends in SUPPORT.  I like to listen to music and watch TV.



I ran away from home because my father was an alcoholic and he used to beat me. I landed at Dadar railway station in Mumbai and stayed there for around one year.  I used to smoke, chew tobacco and sometimes drink alcohol with my street friends.  I used to earn money by selling used bottles, paper etc. as scrap.  A staff of SUPPORT met me on the railway station and encouraged me to attend the day care centre.  From there, I was sent to the SUPPORT residential rehab centre at Santacruz in 1999.  I studied at school from the 3rd upto 7th standard.  As I did not like to study further, I left school and worked as a peer educator for SUPPORT in the medical room, looking after the sick children.  Thereafter, SUPPORT promoted me to staff and I am now working in the vocational training section – earning and learning at SUPPORT.

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