Children on the streets are individuals who are isolated and alienated from society. On the streets these children lead risky and vulnerable lives. A vast majority of the children have run away from their homes and landed on the streets and lead reckless lives as they want. These children are entangled in a web of addiction after going through various types of diseases, accidents, and perils. They are admitted to a detoxification program so that they can get out of the web of addiction. The program brings relief from the physical pains and inspires them to move towards a good future. The detox program emphasizes upon bringing children to the medical center wherein they can be medically treated to remove the toxins from their bodies; this is the initial step to giving up drugs.
As per Juvenile Justice Act, every child under 18 years are registered with Child Welfare Committe appointed by the Government.


  • To give freedom from addiction which is considered as a disease.
  • To undergo self introspection for seeking new directions in life.
  • To execute treatment on addict under observation of medical team.
  • To impart information about rehabilitation program to the addict.
  • To impart information on addiction as a disease to the addict.


  • To reduce drug abuse among street children/youth by providing them with detoxification and rehabilitation activities.
  • To provide medical services for street children/youth at the non-residential/residential set ups so that can avail of such facilities.
  • To provide children/youth with medical care, proper nutrition, regular checkups, monitor their health after detox so that they enjoy normal health.